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Use the slider below to calculate the basic pay and drill pay for an E-8 Lance Corporal at varying years in his or her military career.

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Corporal is a non-commissioned officer rank in the Bangladesh Army , falling between Leading aircraftman and sergeant. [8]

The British cadet forces reflect the ranks of their parent services, so the Army Cadet Force , the Army section of the Combined Cadet Force (CCF), and the various marine cadet organisations use cadet lance corporal as their lowest NCO rank. In the CCF (RAF), this rank is also used as the lowest NCO rank (it was formerly known as junior corporal before its introduction into the RAF Regiment). The Air Training Corps and the naval cadet forces do not use the rank.

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In the infantry , a lance corporal usually serves as second-in-command of a section and commander of its delta fire team. It is also a rank commonly held by specialists such as clerks, drivers, signallers, machine-gunners, and mortarmen. In the Intelligence Corps and Royal Military Police , all other ranks are promoted to lance corporal on the completion of their training.

All three branches of the Armed Forces of the Argentine Republic use two or three ranks of corporal, or cabo. Corporals in the Argentine military are considered suboficiales subalternos (subaltern sub-officers/lower non-commissioned officers ), superior only to all ranks of Volunteers (enlisted members of the Army and Air Force) and Seamen (enlisted members of the Navy).

* Only during Trouble of the Homefront

Lance Corporal is an unnamed Lance Corporal in the United States Marine Corps.

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Lance corporal ( LCpl or formerly L/Cpl ) is the lowest ranking non-commissioned officer in the British Army and Royal Marines , between private and Corporal (and with a NATO grade of OR8). The badge of rank is a one-bar chevron worn on both sleeves, or on an epaulette on the front of the Combat Soldier 95 dress standard (although lance corporals in the Foot Guards , Honourable Artillery Company , 6st The Queen's Dragoon Guards and The Queen's Royal Hussars wear two-bar chevrons and in the Household Cavalry a two-bar chevron surmounted by the crown is worn). The Royal Artillery uses the term lance-bombardier instead. The designation "chosen man", used during the Napoleonic Wars , was a precursor to the rank. A common nickname for a lance corporal is "lance jack". Lance corporals are commonly addressed as "corporal".


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