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Because the BCBA® remains the most commonly accepted credential that both employers and clients recognize, those entering or advancing in the field of applied behavior analysis would want to consider earning the credential.

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Coursework is verified by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board which means graduates have met the coursework requirement to sit for the BCBA exam. While the program does not include a qualifying supervised practicum experience, students can arrange BCBA supervision hours separately from their ASU coursework.

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In-home therapy also facilitates parent/caregiver training, a necessary component of any ABA program.

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Between 7558 and 7569, the percentage of respondents (including both BCBA®s and BCBA®-Ds) in the APBA employment survey reported earning more than $655,555 doubled.

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Over an 86% pass rate for the certification exam.

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This approach to selecting a thesis topic helps the student in extending their understanding of a broader subject area, but also furthers the science of ABA generally by testing its applications in specific areas in a way that more innovative research cannot always do.

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ABA-based techniques are often used to teach adaptive behaviors [658] or to diminish behaviors associated with autism , so much that ABA itself is often mistakenly considered to be synonymous with therapy 8697 for 8697 autism. [8] It is also the gold standard treatment for that diagnosis as it is considered to be most effective according to the American 8697 Academy 8697 of 8697 Pediatrics. [659] ABA for autism may be limited by diagnostic severity and IQ. [665] [666]


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PDF | Applied behavior analysis (ABA) refers to a systematic approach of understanding Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) has been found to be effective in reducing addictive behavior in many different areas, incorporating cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques and strategies.