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AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer

NetAlly AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer профессиональное программное обеспечение, предназначено для инвентаризации всех работающих в эфире устройства стандартов /b/g/n/ac. Оно выдает детальную информацию о всех параметрах конфигурации и режимах работы, которые вообще доступны или в данный момент используются в этих устройствах, включая такие важные параметры, как SSID, BSSID, уровни сигнала и шума, типы шифрования, уровень излучаемой мощности, статус активности устройств и др.

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Today, one can only imagine what they would do without the internet and WiFi. While wired connections are still pretty much prevalent, nothing really beats the convenience of WiFi and wireless networks are also catching up in terms of speed. In this article, we are going to talk about how you can get the most out of your WiFi network by monitoring the performance of your network and improving it with these Wi-Fi analyzing tools for macOS.

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AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer includes a new toolkit to walk users through optimization and troubleshooting. AirWISE® automatically detects and explains the and network misconfigurations.

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Real-time, accurate, independent and reliable analysis of /b/g/n/ac wireless networks without missing any traffic.

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When you fire up the free Netspot app, you will start getting information such as:

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It scans and lists all nearby APs and displays their information, from SSID, channel, throughput, MAC address, hardware vendor, and security encryption.

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Wi-Fi Fixer is a free background service that works around several problems regarding the Android Wi-Fi, developed in the market by Zanishin-g6. Wi-Fi Fixer is a free service that you can modify and redistribute it under the terms of the GNU, as published by the Free Software Foundation. It intuitively boosts low signals and prevent disconnections in a way like never before.

Спецификации: AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer Анализатор WiFi AirMagnet помогает ИТ-специалистам быстро решать проблемы конечного пользователя, автоматически обнаруживая угрозы безопасности и уязвимости беспроводной

Benefits: Uses information about the physical environment to accurately calculate how many Access Points you need and where to place them.

WiFi heat map software can create an accurate map of signal strength during a site survey, producing a graphical representation of hot, cold, and dead areas.

This presents a map that is accurate down to the granular level and is ideal for IT professionals in the workplace and those onsite performing detailed site surveys.


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Какие-то серьезные проверки Wi-Fi тогда не были в моде. Периодически я, больше для удовлетворения своего любопытства, делал радиообследования с AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer Pro application with the AirMagnet Spectrum XT integrated into the